COMBAT-STACK to BEAT COVID-19 (for under 12 years)


Designed for persons 2 to 12 years, the COMBAT-STACK conveniently supply all the tried and tested to be effective herbs, spices and superfoods required to naturally strengthen and boost your complex immune system to effectively fight coronavirus if ever infected. It also assists muscle, bone and cognitive development, assist management of ADD/ADHD and diabetes and protect against many cancers including breast, prostate and colon.

450g ESSENTIALS for Juniors, 120g Red Lemon Spice

30 day supply

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BEAT COVID-19 COMBAT-STACK is designed for persons 2 to 12 years. It combines the herbs, spices and superfoods contained in the two Herbal Biotics products – ESSENTIALS for Juniors and RED LEMON spice.

Consuming the COMBAT-STACK products together conveniently supply a combination of scientifically researched nutrients and phytochemicals. A combination that synergistically offer a much more comprehensive solution to build and strengthen the complex human immune system than any single herb, spice, superfood or even drug can.

Regular consumption of the COMBAT-STACK combination of herbs, spices and superfoods will not only strengthen and build the immune system to empower the body to fight covid-19, it will also assist fighting many other infectious diseases when contracted.

COMBAT-STACK will also assist muscle, bone and cognitive development, management of ADD/ADHD, and diabetes and protect against many cancers including breast, prostate and colon.

See product pages for Essentials for Juniors and Red Lemon for more information about ingredients, nutritional values and health promoting effects of the individual products contained in the COMBAT-STACK.


For best results consume COMBAT-STACK products as follows:

  • ESSENTIALS for Juniors: One (1) heaped tablespoon (15g) mixed with 100ml to 150ml plain unsweetened low fat yoghurt every day
  • RED LEMON spice: One (1) flat teaspoon (2g) twice (2X) every day and 3 times per day when experiencing an infectious disease attack or need more relieve from muscle pain

Cautions and Warnings

  1. If experiencing bloating or discomfort or flu like symptoms from consuming suggested dosages when starting this protocol, reduce dosages and gradually increase it.
  2. Adding COMBAT-STACK products to your diet might improve many health indicators. If you currently use any chronic medication i.e. for ADD/ADHD, high cholesterol, blood sugar control, blood pressure control etc. do not stop using it or reducing dosages of these chronic medication(s) when symptoms improve before consulting with your doctor.
  3. Do not continue consumption of any COMBAT-STACK product if experiencing any allergic response to any of the individual product’s ingredients